Monday, May 16, 2005

Desgin draft for new Gauges Panel Faceplate

We plan to modify the panel faceplate to support some usefull information for the RVC
for example - Current Gear - see draft
Sketch for new gauges faceplate

here it is inside the panel:
RVC Main Gauge board out

If you have any ideas about other interesting info to put in - please write a comment


Anonymous said...

You guys, are doing some of the most awesome work I've seen! :Q)
Keep up the excellent job, I await finality with fervor!

Anonymous said...

Hey .... this is really cool.

An idea: I heard that accelleration are simulated by increasing the gradient of flight simulators - as the body cannot really detect the difference ....

Anonymous said...

That is a pretty cool project. Driving simulators are a lot of fun and you can actually learn how to drive on them to some degreee. I built a simple driving simulator based on a regular Xbox. I constructed a platform 3'x5' out of 2x4's and 3/4" plywood then went to a local junkyard and purchased a adjustable bucket seat out of a Mazda and mounted it to the platform. I went out to my Lexus and measured all the dimensions for seat, wheel and pedal relationship and constructed a dashboard to hold the steering wheel of a MadCatz2 wheel. The pedals were also mounted at the proper angle. I added several big speakers hooked up to an ancient amplifier and place an old 27" TV I had around right behind the wheel. I use several games such as NASCAR Thunder, Burnout 3, Project Gotham, Colin McRae's WRC, Corvette, and my new favorite IRL. The entire simulator costs were;
$200 XboX
$55 MadCatz2 Steering and pedal assembly
$16 Bucket seat
I had the lumber
I had the TV.

So for under $300 I have something that is basic but quite fun. I acknowledge that yours would be far superior yet it was also far more expensive.

I am building my 3rd version which I will base on an Xbox 360 and plan to add a HDTV and surround sound. I should be able to construct the entire simulator for around $1500.

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