Saturday, May 07, 2005

It's Alive !!!

Running out of patience we kinda made some shortcuts "just to see it working... "
AKA "After a week of hard work, why don't we play instead of keep fighting against metal, plastic and electronics"

OK, so we had to finish the steering. Lot's of small annoying metal parts that need to work together smoothly. Finally the streeing part was attached properly but it needed to be raised somehow. So - yes the electronics are in a bucket : )

RVC Steering

Then we put some white (dirty?) cloth we had around on top of the front "window"


The projector was set on top of back seat and a "small" speaker right behind the cloth screen for an "IN YOUR FACE" sound.

Audio VIsual

Connect the power and.... Here you go -
It's Alive
Looks REAL

Zvika Ride the RVC
Was a great day!

Next we need to make the gauges work in the car...


Anonymous said...

Awesome! You may have thought of it already, but the projector may be better placed in front of the car. If you invert the picture on the projector for rear projection mode, it may look better and you won't have to worry about getting in the way of the beam. I hope some 5.1 speakers are in your plans. Nice job, I want one now. This is an impressive project.

Good Luck

Yuval Tal said...

Yes, we did think of front projection, but the projection screen is much more expensive and we don't want to spend the $$$.
Also, if (or once?) we will have hydraulics, it means that the car will need to move with the projector.


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for answering the comment. I have used front projection at home using
a white cloth similar to yours, we had good results with a white bed sheet. The thread count was higher than average. If you mount the projector on an arm attached to the front of the car the movement of the hydraulics won't be a problem. I hope this can help in any way. Nice work on the gauges, keep it up.

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