Thursday, May 12, 2005

We’re on major geek sites - Hello World : )

Looks REAL

Just came back home, checked the blog and saw something strange – comments…
It seems that somehow somebody found out about our little project here and posted it on diffrent web sites (Slashdot among them - You can read it here )

As veteran geeks we’re extremely FLATTERED!

Wow, we were not expecting that, definitely not on this early stage.
We still have big plans and a lot of work – feel free to come back again and check the progress (usually we work on weekends)

We are building this project for FUN - learning more about cars, electronics and software.

Stage 2 will be all about hydraulics (we hope)

Due to bandwidth limitation - our video hosting site went down – sorry. we are trying to find a diffrent solution so you can get to see the action and hear the sounds.

We’re lucky we had most of the pics on Flickr.

Thanks for commenting , we appriciate your feedback and support.
For the sake of quick swift visitors I’ll reattach some milestone pics.

Drop off
Front cut1
RVC Steering
Speed Gauge electronics


Mike said...

Well, I ran into the RSS feed from Slashdot... good stuff!

You guys are working on some stuff I did a few years ago so I figured I would drop a message on the blog.

I participated in the Electrical Vehicle Challenge [ ] (2001-03) which is a competition in which you convert a car/truck from gas to electric. I believe its only for high school students, but if you or some one else seem interested then check it out and spread the word.

I was an Electronics guy for our team. That site might not have what you need, but you might be able to get in contact with people through the program. You might be able to get some schematics of how to set up a system there too.

It looks as if you have most everything figured out so far.

Is that a bookshelf that you were working on? The first year we competed our controller, contacts/relays, and pretty much anything vital were on a piece of wood that had been wrapped in fireproofing tape... and it hung suspended over the motor.. by plastic zip ties >_< . By the end we took care of that, but we worked madly in order to participate the first year.

(Oh, and gotta' love that black IBM laptop. Also... your sound system looks to be top notch. ;) )

I don't know much.. well actually 'nothing', about setting up hydraulics, but you may want to look into getting some batteries like the ones used in the EVs so you can power them. I warn you though, they are quite heavy, and possibly rather expensive. I have no clue about the power requirements, but it’s just a suggestion.

(We had it so when you popped the tank, an electrical chord came out that plugged into the wall from the charger for the 96V system. ^_^; )

I believe our car was forgotten, because the kids at my old high school don't seem to have entered the competitions. And we even got an independent study course created for the class by our last year :( Meh.

Long hours spent on these types of projects seem to really payoff when you look back on them.

I’ll check back from time to time.

Keep it up... though I guess the obvious need not be restated. :)

Anonymous said...

Your solution to the slashdot effect on your videos is easy, it's called BIT TORRENT. Post a torrent ASAP please!

Sabin said...

Or else you can also share your videos on the edonkey network, so that edonkey and emule clients may share it, for instance.

If you want, the bittorent called ABC (i'll let you google an URL) has an interesting feature allowing to create a torrent file.

Nice work of yours :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi,that is an exciting idea!Do you have msn?You guys are great..Well when i saw that project i had some thoughts maybe useless for you or you have thought them before!
First of all sorry for my english.
That could be used for training.
Of cource that requires hydravlics first of all.You could put some hyrdavlics on the seat so when you accelerate you feel "pushed".
If you are good at 3D programming or know someone who can help you can create a training stuff that will have:
1)All the signs and training on them.If you for example avoid a STOP to be alarmed.
2)Parking tutorial!How to park the car successfully
3)accident simulation
4)also you could create a driving test like that people give to get their "how do you call it" driving permision.
5)also special tutorial for manual cars...

I know that this project needs too much time...
Where are you from guys?

Yuval Tal said...

Thanks for all the great feedback and ideas.

We published the videos in eMule and avoided the hassle of publishing a torrent.

We are from Israel.


Anonymous said...

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