Saturday, April 23, 2005

We got a car!

Finally, after searching several junk yards, we were able to find a decent car that meets our requirements: full dashboard with all the plastics in place, a wheel, gear stick, handbrake and chair. No engine. No wheels. The car is a Renault Megane I probably 1997 or so.

The car that we got was invovled in an accedient so it has the airbags open.

The guy that brought us the car, just left it at the entrance to the driveway and we had to get it closer to the workshop entrance. Luckly, we had a forklift...

The hard part was getting into the workshop through the narrow entrance.

Finally, it was inside.

Next, we have to take apart the semi broken front window and clean the car.


FortunoWinnero said...

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mike said...

Sorry about leaving multiple posts, but I just took a look at the MotoTank.

HA! that’s great.. no offence (the retro arcade is also a great toy too).

Well... KinnerNet makes the EVchallenge look like nothing. Probably should have read that ahead of time.

Also.. it did no even occur to me but you should seriously look into [ ] as a subproject for additions to the car.

That could bring in some developers that write software for gaming, and they could whip up an UI for a racing game allowing you to 'look around'. (There may also already be games that you can change view with.)

I'll start pooling some ideas for potential concepts when I'm driving and have nothing else to do. Not just stuff for the vision tracking. (I'll try to keep them relatively feasible.)

If I end up coming across anything I’ll drop a message in your inbox. (Note: I don't mean to be telling you what to do with your project, or telling you to do crazy things at all. Just suggesting ideas on the chance that one might spark some interest.

Later then


Oh, and we had to take a large beam of wood to the front of our car to get the airbag to go off :) Fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

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