Sunday, April 24, 2005

RPM gauge is working with Nascar Racer 2003 Season

Today I wrote a small program that capture telemetry information from Papyrus Nascar Racer 2003 Season and move the servo engine in the RPM gauge accordingly. Click on the picture to download a clip to show it in action.


Anonymous said...

how did you get telemetry information from the game? This has great potential for tying real world events to game events


Anonymous said...

Yes, pleeeease tell us! And do it for Grand Prix Legends too :-)
Especially the acceleration/braking/side forces are very interesting.
I'm sure you will need this too if you want to use hydraulics.


Yuval Tal said...

Once you install Nascar 2003 Season, you'll see that there's a directory called "C:\Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\telemetry" which has an .h and a .lib file for doing that. There's also a sample code which you could start with.


mike said...

One quick suggestion about acceleration without putting time into thinking of other ways...

If you were to setup a small hydraulic or pneumatic, (maybe even just gears), you could make a pushing rod/ram on the back of the seat. This way the seat would be allowed to go forward freely or until a specific point.

With that you could push against the seat so the user has to push back against the mechanism. You could add a spring between the pusher (or use a weak hydro/neumatic) that way it gives way.

This way you could constantly (or variably) apply pressure to simulate acceleration. (Making the user cause the feeling of the seat pushing back on them.)

That is purely an inspiration spewed from what was mentioned. And there is verry likely a better more interesting way to go about it. As I said I haven't given any more thought then my initial reaction.

This is a step in the direction of force feed back that is rather simple and low cost (might not even need hydraulics for it).

Also, it might not actually produce an experience worth the time to set it up. You would want to test it out with a friend in the back seat with a foot on it, or something simple/cheap that would allow you to get a feel of if something similar is worth perusing.

Oh, and feel free to do whatever you want with that concept because I don’t believe it exists (or I have never seen it), and I have no reason to keep it for my self. (Basically I am saying that I am not claiming any copyright on this message.) I don't believe that even matters, but some people actually do. :) So I just mean I’m playing it safe. ;)


Anonymous said...

WTF? Why do you present all the other video in Quicktime format that actually streams well and plays well, then you go and F*CK it all up and load the last video as Winblows Media that if horrible and does not stream well? IDOIT!