Sunday, May 08, 2005

It's Alive Videos !!!

This is the first time we actually tried to get it working

We decided to have some fun with it

We stubled into a bug in Nascar which froze the whole system for a few seconds. Funny enough it was exactly when a Viagra car passed us :-)

This is how looks inside and outside


Yuval Tal said...

Go Yuvi!! Go Yuvi!! (Who is my geek???? :-) :-) )

Registered99 said...

Pretty amazing stuff you got here.

NP_Jason said...


You need a TrackIR! Please visit oour website at and take a look. Ever thought of adding view control to the mix? Feel free to contact me anytime.

Jason Williams
TrackIR Product Manager

Geek said...

Dude, this is freaking awesome. You could make some money with something like this. Keep up the good work :).

Nikropht said...

What kind of projector are you using?

eyerocker said...

SCHWEET! i am a nascar thunder 2004 fanatic! your work is what ive been dreaming about doing but with no clue as to how i would do it. very kewl stuff dude!

Chris said...

Sorry, friends, You've been "BoingBoing-dotted".

Your latest images are gone to "bandwidth exceeded" land.

Still, this is an =amazing= project! I've been a simracer for years, and have yet to see anything this radical yet. Congrats on being the most manic simdriving hardware hackers out there yet.

Reed Copsey said...

We're working with Racer on a commercial application. I'd like to discuss your work. Please contact me at

Jenn said...

Welcome to the Slashdot effect... you're picture are vanishing. But the older ones look incredible.

CarlosDreyfus said...

Maybee you could try proyecting from behind the white screen, some screens handle rear proyection, that way you could proyect strait infront.
Maybe use a distortioning efect so u feel surronded?

This Has to be from the video source, or you could do a rounder screen.

Keep up the good work

carlosdreyfus at gmail dot com

Brian said...

Congratulations on being Slashdotted! That's how you know you've done something REALLY amazing. And y'all have!

Good luck in your endeavor, and see if y'all can make a buck while you're at it!

Duositex said...

I agree with the poster about projecting from behind the screen. Why not set the projector up OUTSIDE of the car and have the image mirrored horizonally. The result would be *much* better I think.

Anonymous said...

I also

Anonymous said...

I also agree about the rear-projection; however there are issues. You want a good screen, which can be a few hundred dollars. Also, it's nearly impossible to get an affordable acoustically transparent rear-projection (transmissive) screen. Of course, it should not be hard to integrate speakers into the car itself. I mean, the car already has speakers (or at least holes) *inside* it...

This is one cool setup.

mike said...

A quick note on the rear projection.

If you do look into projecting from the front of the car its probably going to mean putting the projector outside of the car (or maybe into the 'nonexistent' hood, but that’s a rather steep angle).

I mean to suggest consideration of practicality - if it were to be transported and in future uses/development.

There are going to be other ways, but this is considering the home brewed approach and using what you have.

Though, distorting the signal so you can wrap the screen around the sides some sounds interesting indeed.

Mike Kolbas

(This is the same mike as from the 'hello world' blog post.)

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